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Network Evolution University: Deploying Network Virtualization


Server virtualization and cloud computing have increased the need for speed and flexibility in programming the enterprise network. Network virtualization technology is evolving quickly, and options like software-defined network (SDN) have run-away mindshare. IN this classroom, our experts will look at technologies that include SDN, virtual network overlays and virtualization platforms that IT organizations can use to create virtual networks designed to connect efficiently with virtual servers and the cloud.


Dr. Jim Metzler Principal, Ashton Metzler and Associates

Dr. Jim Metzler, principal at Ashton Metzler and Associates, is a widely recognized authority on network technology and its business applications. In more than 28 years of experience, Jim has helped numerous vendors refine product and service strategies and has helped enterprises evolve network infrastructures. He has directed and conducted market research at a major industry analyst firm and run a consulting firm. Jim holds a Ph.D. in numerical analysis from Boston University. He is co-author of the book Layer 3 Switching: A Guide for IT Professionals (Prentice Hall).

15 Feb 2013
15 Feb 2013
Virtual Environment

This resource is no longer available.