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Computer Weekly – 15 January 2013: Big data is big business


Computer Weekly – 15 January 2013: Big data is big business

In this week’s Computer Weekly, we look at the rapid adoption of big data technologies and find out how UK companies are seeing the benefits. Royal Bank of Scotland tells us how it emulated Amazon's practices to build a private cloud environment. We examine how to maintain network performance when you let staff use their own mobile devices at work. And we find out how five major aerospace firms came together to create a cloud-based service to improve their supply chains. Read the issue now.


US big data companies look east as social networks pioneer innovation

Big data adoption is gathering pace in the US and database firms are looking to plug into Europe as the technology proves its benefits.


Royal Bank of Scotland emulates Amazon model with private cloud

Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) has developed a private cloud to support its application development process, using Amazon best practices. The project has enabled RBS to determine running costs of its IT infrastructure and provide service-based pricing.


The business case for taking control of your company’s software licences

The threat of whistle-blowing is constant and can prove costly to a business’s finances and reputation, so CIOs must take control of software licensing compliance.


Tackling network capacity in a bring-your-own-device era

Managing the impact of mobile devices on network capacity presents new challenges for IT departments. We look at how early adopters have solved the problem.


Online supply chain hub eases manufacturing bottlenecks

A cloud-based supply chain portal created by European aerospace manufacturers helps to avoid potential hold-ups in aircraft production.


Buyer's Guide to software as a service – part two: The limitations of traditional SaaS integration approaches

Time and budget constraints are forcing many organisations to rethink their SaaS integration strategy and find a well-aligned solution.


Taking mobile devices on the beat

Steve Whatson, director of ICT at the Metropolitan Police Service, has his work cut out, with the Met being tasked with plugging a £550m budget gap. It is his job to use part of the Directorate of Information’s £202m budget this year to drive out some of those costs with IT.


Opinion: Know your data migration boundaries

It pays to do your research and build your project accordingly, says Johny Morris, author of Practical Data Migration and creator of the PDMv2 Data Migration Methodology.

14 Jan 2013
15 Jan 2013

This resource is no longer available.