Computer Weekly – 8 January 2013: Digital strategies to drive CIOs in 2013

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Computer Weekly – 8 January 2013: Digital strategies to drive CIOs in 2013

In this week’s Computer Weekly, we look ahead to the challenges facing IT leaders in 2013. We examine how the shift to digital will change the role of the CIO, and assess the impact of trends such as big data and the "internet of things". A new report details how CIOs must adapt to work more closely with business colleagues – we find out what it means for IT managers. Our first buyer's guide of the year focuses on software as a service. And we analyse how the cloud could help to improve the next generation of IT security systems. Read the issue now.


What should CIOs focus on in 2013?

If 2012 became the year of the tablet and IT consumerisation, what should CIOs be doing in 2013? The migration of Windows XP to Windows 7 will be well underway and many IT departments are likely to put off any further migration to Windows 8 until this has been completed. But while the desktop strategy is set, mobile device spending is on the increase.


Buyer's Guide to software as a service – part one: How to integrate SaaS with your local business systems

As software as a service matures, CIOs need to look at how well cloud-based products integrate with existing on-premise systems.


CIOs must evolve to wield greater influence

The CIO has long been positioned as a senior executive on the cusp of becoming a truly strategic partner to the business. But as new research warns, the reality is that relatively few CIOs have so far managed to reinvent themselves sufficiently to actually become one.


The digitisation of business

The rise of digital strategies is changing the landscape of traditional IT and the data acquired can be used to improve product development.


Could cloud hold the key to the next generation of security systems?

Security continues to hinder organisations in adopting cloud computing, at least for mission-critical or sensitive data applications. Concerns about sensitive data sitting on infrastructure shared with competitors linger, but the power of cloud computing is now being put forward as an effective way of dealing with increasingly dynamic and advanced threats.


Case study: Handling huge volumes of data is a challenge for CERN's Large Hadron Collider team

CERN has been testing OpenStack private cloud for the last year and hopes to go live with the infrastructure in February.


Taking the reins of a transformation to change years of under-investment

Nationwide chief operating officer Tony Prestedge talks about the building society’s £1bn transformation and the future of the firm’s IT.


Opinion: How to estimate IT project timescales

Project management expert and author Bob Hughes identifies the best approaches to working out how long a project should take.


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