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Show me the Security - Mitigating Risks with Vendor-Supplied Software


The risks that vendor supplied software can pose to the integrity of your business' security are significant. Vendors and partners may not utilize SDL practices, code can be full of critical vulnerabilities and back doors, and confidential data could be left unprotected.

In this webinar, Chenxi Wang of Forrester Research and Chad Holmes of Veracode will show you how to mitigate the risks of vendor supplied software. Topics include mobile apps and data security, third-party security practices, and enterprise security best practices.

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Chenxi Wang is vice president and principal analyst serving security & risk professionals at Forrester Research, Inc. She is a leading expert on mobile security, endpoint security, application security, and cloud security. Her research builds on her in-depth technical insights and her years of research experience.

Chad Holmes is director of sales enablement at Veracode. He has over ten years of software development and application security experience, and has lead the redesign and execution of the third-party analysis process to allow for a more streamlined approach while still addressing common ISV intellectual property concerns.


Veracode, Inc.
26 Dec 2012
Oct 11, 2012

This resource is no longer available.