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Break the IT Maintenance vs. Innovation Gridlock


Ninety-five percent of C-Level executives believe that innovation is crucial to growth. And since applications are the key to innovation and efficiency, it’s no wonder that applications and software investment is a number one priority in the modern organization. However, too much money is being poured into the maintenance of legacy applications and technology, creating a maintenance to innovation gridlock.

It’s time to break the gridlock and get innovating. This three-minute video explores how revolutionizing your approach to applications management can help you drive innovation, increase flexibility, and, in end, reduce costs.

View now to learn how HP Applications Development Services delivers what you need to move from an IT-centric to a dynamic services delivery model while also:

  • Transforming existing applications or building new ones
  • Leveraging proven methods, tools, and accelerators
  • Increasing speed and quality of applications
  • And more!
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
19 Dec 2012

This resource is no longer available.