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APTARE Provides End-to-End Data Protection Visibility for Fortune 20 Global Financial Company


A global financial services company's data protection strategy was about to be derailed by explosive data growth and an outdated backup infrastructure.

More than 33,000 servers and 26 petabytes of data were being backed up per day resulting in nearly 4 million backup jobs per month. Then, as it is now, the company was required to prove to auditors and regulators that their systems truly were protected and could be recovered in case of data loss. Failed processes had to be reported, analyzed, and shown to be resolved in a timely manner.

Check out this short case study to explore how this company seamlessly and affordably modernized their backup, reinforcing their data protection and saving millions of dollars in costs. Read now to learn how they were able to:

  • Reduce backup volume by 16 percent, resulting in a $3 million delayed buy in a single data center
  • Consolidate 8 Data Domain drives to just 4 or 6 in each of the 24 data centers, saving millions of dollars across the organization
  • Ensure all infrastructure is in compliance with internal backup policies
  • And more
12 Dec 2012
31 Oct 2012
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This resource is no longer available.