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The Era of Collosal Content Arrives


Did you know that data is increasing at over 40 percent per year? And did you know that 90 percent of existing data was generated in the last two years? Most of this information ends up tier-3 or in archives, so the need for bulletproof-but-flexible storage architectures is more important than ever, since you must adhere to compliance regulations, budgets and storage capacity limits.

This white paper addresses major tier-3 archive challenges and provides insight into overcoming them. Check out this resource today to explore:

  • Moving beyond big data into the era of colossal content
  • Pricing models and TCO comparisons of four storage tiers
  • 12 points of comparison: Tape v. HDD
  • A modern tiered storage approach that optimizes the storage infrastructure through a combination of SSD, disk and tape
  • And more!

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Oracle Corporation UK Ltd
18 Dec 2012
24 Dec 2012
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White Paper

This resource is no longer available.