Computer Weekly – 13 November 2012: Government commits to open standards

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Computer Weekly – 13 November 2012: Government commits to open standards

In this week’s Computer Weekly, we look at the government's controversial new policy on open standards and ask what it means for the future of public sector IT. After hurricane Sandy hit New York, we talk to one datacentre operator about how it kept services running during the disaster. London 2012 CIO Gerry Pennell looks back at the successful IT delivery at this year's Olympic Games. And our latest buyers' guide examines the market for infrastructure as a service (IaaS). Read the issue now.


Government releases policy aimed at levelling open source playing field

After a lengthy, and often heated, consultation, the government has finally released its new open standards principles intended to level the supplier playing field and avoid product lock-in.


Round-the-clock efforts keep datacentre working during Sandy

Four days of non-stop manual efforts by datacentre staff at Peer 1 Hosting to deliver gallons of fuel to 17th-floor generators helped the colocation provider’s Manhattan facility remain operational despite Hurricane Sandy.


Buyer's guide to infrastructure as a service – part one: Assess the cloud needs of your business infrastructure

Buying and using cloud services follows a lifecycle in which services are selected and their use reviewed as a basis for renewing or replacing them. The starting point is your system’s functional requirement plus models of the system you are developing.


How do you follow the job of a lifetime?

Gerry Pennell, CIO of London 2012, talks about the logistical challenges, security threats and IT success stories from this summer’s Olympics.


Barclays sees faster development as key to creating an alluring product

Anthony Watson, Barrclays' CIO in Europe, talks about emulating successful companies to change the way people think about banking.


Software-defined datacentres demystified

As datacentre managers increasingly rely on software and automation to make IT more resilient on tighter budgets, what can a software-defined datacentre bring to the enterprise?


Case study: University migrates to Office 365 for cloud-based email

Within a year, the University of Nebraska moved 13,000 staff and faculty members from an on-premises legacy Lotus Notes system to Microsoft's Office 365.


Opinion: Get serious about people risk to reduce cyber crime

To reduce cyber crime, organisations must consider people risk and apply a holistic approach, writes Bill Windle from PA Consulting.


This week's Computer Weekly is sponsored by EMC, Gartner and Fujitsu.

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