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Strategy Guide: Worry-Free Disaster Recovery from Midsize Businesses


Disaster recovery plans typically focus on major calamities like hurricanes and earthquakes. But it’s the more mundane events like a power surge or accidental construction damage that are most likely to interrupt your operations.

Midsize businesses are often unprepared to handle these minor disasters, as they typically have smaller IT staffs. Yet the consequences can be significant. IDC research reveals that the average midsize business experiences 16 to 20 hours of downtime each year. In one group of SMBs, the average loss was $70,000 for each hour they were down.

Check out this short white paper to learn how your midsize business can easily and affordably deploy worry-free DR and benefit from:

  • 99.7% reduction in unplanned system downtime, from 14 days a year to less than an hour
  • 84 times faster provisioning of development environments as fast (40 mins. vs. 7 days)
  • 42% reduction in physical server count (1,200 to 700)
  • 67% less management time required (2 engineers vs. 6)
  • And more

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13 Nov 2012
13 Nov 2012
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This resource is no longer available.