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PodCast: BYOD: The Risks of Allowing Personal Mobile Devices On Corporate Networks and How to Mitigate Them


Since the advent of the consumerization of IT, end users have had access to more technologies than ever before, and they can do things without IT even knowing. IT is now in a competition with websites, devices, and applications – not just in terms of security, but also performance, manageability, and control.

Download this podcast to hear consumerization guru Jack Madden discuss the risks BYOD presents to the corporate network itself in terms of traffic issues and best ways you can mitigate these challenges. Uncover why MDM and MAM are not cure-all solutions and why locking down at the network level could be more beneficial for your enterprise than at the endpoint level.


Jack Madden Blogger

Jack Madden blogs about all things desktop virtualization-related at (What that really means is that he blogs about storage, management, hypervisors hardware, consumerization, cloud computing and a myriad of other topics.) Madden is also the guy that gets sent out to talk to lots of vendors and try out all of their products.

Madden has been involved behind the scenes at BriForum events since 2008, and was the Media Editor for before it became a part of TechTarget.

Follow him on Twitter @JackMadden.

15 Nov 2012
Nov 15, 2012

This resource is no longer available.