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Computer Weekly – 30 October 2012: Windows 8 – is it right for your business?


Computer Weekly – 30 October 2012: Windows 8 – is it right for your business?

In this week’s Computer Weekly, we take an in-depth look at Windows 8, the latest version of Microsoft's flagship operating system, released last week – is it right for your business, and what security benefits does it offer? We analyse the security risks involved in using virtualisation technology and ask the experts for their best practice advice. And we report from IBM's Zurich research labs on the innovations that will change your IT in 10 years' time, such as chips powered by the sun, and cognitive computers. Read the issue now.


Windows 8 is available now, but is it the right choice for your business?

Windows 8 combines a desktop operating system with tablet-touch functionality. We take a look at the businesses it will benefit – and who it won’t.


Windows 8 security report card

Windows 8 is seen as an evolutionary jump for the operating system but is the security good enough to win over the enterprise?


Seeking nirvana: virtualisation without security risk

Cost pressures and the rise of cloud computing have led many businesses to turn to lower-cost virtual environments on premise and in the cloud, but a lack of expertise and experience may be exposing these organisations to unnecessary security risk.


How IBM researchers hope to change the world

Solar-powered chips are among the technologies we can expect to be using in 10 to 15 years, as we discovered on a visit to IBM’s Zurich research labs.


Buyer's guide to IT asset management – part two: Manage licences and virtual machines to avoid VM sprawl

When considering asset management, firms should select a system to manage both software licences and virtual machine (VM) lifecycles.


Case study: How video conferencing saved time and money for one engineering firm

Staff at engineering consultancy Buro Happold spent a lot of time travelling until the company found a different way of collaborating.


Being the IT leader in a company with a quarter of a million potential CIOs

Accenture's CIO talks about adopting video technology to reduce travel, and managing IT in a company full of IT experts.


Opinion: Five important guidelines for business technology governance

CIOs frequently play the dual role of technology owner and business architect – Forrester Research analyst Alex Peters outlines how to develop business technology governance practices.


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29 Oct 2012
30 Oct 2012
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This resource is no longer available.