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Dissolving Distance: EMC VPLEX for VMware - Video/Demonstration


It's clear by now that traditional physical storage systems cannot meet the demands of today's virtual, online or hybrid-physical IT environments. In fact, to keep pace with today's tech developments, a solid storage solution must be capable of delivering new methods of freeing information from physical devices, integrating with existing infrastructures, automating administrative duties and above all, securely and efficiently protecting your data.

In this 10-minute video, EMC Senior Director of Customer Operations Paul Danahy and Principal Corporate Systems Engineer Oliver Shorey present an overview and demo of EMC's latest next-gen solution for information mobility and access within, across and between data centers - particularly in VMware environments. Watch this video now to learn about a better, more modern way of looking at storage platforms for next-gen IT.


Paul Danahy Senior Director of Customer Operations, EMC Oliver Shorey Principal Corporate Systems Engineer, EMC
EMC Corporation
16 Oct 2012

This resource is no longer available.