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Information Governance Online Symposium 2.0: New trends in information management: Mobile, social, cloud and transparency


Is digital information the currency of the 21st century? How can you control the value of corporate information? Find out the answers to those questions and more within this expert session. This classroom will address the big and small pictures of information governance, starting with a governance overview and ending with strategies for building a comprehensive management structure.

Gain essential knowledge from peer-generated inquiries and expert answers around the following topics:

  • Law firms as the leaking point for corporate data
  • Testing authenticity
  • strategies for outsourcing and records management
  • Governing social media
  • Making team collaboration effective for managing risk in complex IT projects

Sponsored by Iron Mountain and RSD


Jeffrey Ritter Founder, Waters Edge Consulting

Jeffrey Ritter is one of the nation's experts in the converging complexity of information management, e-discovery and the emergence of cloud-based services. He advises companies and governments on successful 21st-century strategies for managing digital information with legal and evidential value. He is currently developing and teaching courses on information governance at Johns Hopkins University's Whiting School of Engineering and Georgetown University Law. Learn more at

Brian W. Hill Principal Analyst, Forrester Research, Inc. Jason C. Stearns Corporate Records Manager, New York Life Insurance Co.
13 Nov 2012
13 Nov 2012
Virtual Seminar

This resource is no longer available.