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Computer Weekly - 25 September 2012: When cloud costs more (and how to avoid it)


Computer Weekly – 25 September 2012: When cloud costs more (and how to avoid it)

In this week’s Computer Weekly, as some early adopters of the cloud report they have not achieved the promised cost cuts, we examine how to make sure the cloud saves money. The Bank of England's CIO talks about managing IT in the midst of a banking crisis. We talk to two organisations using Microsoft's new Windows Server 2012 operating system to share IT infrastructure. IT security experts explain the implications of sophisticated cyber attacks such as Flame. And the final part of our buyer's guide to tablets compares Android, iOS and Windows 8 as enterprise tablet operating systems. Read the issue now.


Making an informed decision crucial is to seeing financial benefits of cloud

Cloud computing is all about cutting costs, but some organisations that are going down that road are reporting increased cost instead. How is this possible?


Case study: Using Windows Server 2012 to share IT infrastructure

The release of Windows Server 2012 witnessed Microsoft’s strongest push yet to target VMware users. Two London Borough councils are using the operating system's capabilities to provide shared services infrastructure on demand.


New culture secretary sparks debate over broadband implementation

Maria Miller makes a big entrance to the Cabinet with legislation that could overrule local councils on the location of fibre broadband street cabinets.


Interview: IT for major money management

Bank of England CIO Simon Moorhead talks about the challenges of responding to economic policy and updating IT without the risk of downtime.


Buyer's guide to tablets – part three: Can tablets handle business?

As IT departments prepare for an influx of mobile devices, we look at three tablets to see how Android, Windows 8 and Apple's iOS fit in the enterprise.


How to make your business Flame-proof

It is time all businesses sat up and took notice of advanced threats such as Flame, not least because these will be the cyber attack tools of the future.


Facing up to cloud challenges

Cloud computing remains a top priority for cash-strapped CIOs looking to extract the most value from their meagre IT budgets. But concerns over data security, service levels and trust remain barriers to wide-scale adoption of cloud computing.


Opinion: Why Tesco chose open-source software for learning management

Whether you have an open-source system or a proprietary one, your underlying requirement remains the same – as was the case with the learning management system needed at Tesco, writes Jane Williams, head of e-learning at the retailer.


This week's issue is sponsored by Exchange 2012, FI-WARE, Total Telecom and The World of Learning.

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