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El Machetazo: Customer Testimonial Video


As data volumes continue to explode, it becomes increasingly critical for companies to choose the most efficient database possible to ensure superior application performance.  Driven by the need to lower overall costs and improve operational agility, El Machetazo, a large supermarket chain in Panama City, Panama, performed an SAP ERP migration to SAP Sybase ASE.

Watch this brief video to hear  Juan Stagg, CIO, El Machetazo, describe how with Sybase ASE, moving 280,000 stock-keeping units (SKUs) on the server takes just four hours instead of four days. Using SAP Sybase ASE as the database foundation for SAP ERP provides significant advantages, including:

  • Increased system stability and speed
  • Enhanced optimization
  • Superior savings
  • Significant admin and support efficiencies. 
SAP America, Inc.
28 Sep 2012

This resource is no longer available.