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Computer Weekly – 18 September 2012: Business intelligence in retail


Computer Weekly – 18 September 2012: Business intelligence in retail


In this week’s Computer Weekly, we look at how retailers are using business intelligence (BI) and analytics to understand customers, and how high-street shops need to use BI to compete with online rivals. We report from our latest CW500 Club meeting, where business leaders talked about how IT is viewed in the boardroom. We talk to the Channel 4 CIO about the IT behind broadcasting the Paralympic Games. And the second part of our buyer's guide examines how tablets can be integrated into the corporate IT infrastructure. Read the issue now.


Gathering retail intelligence

As both online and in-store retailers grapple with the growing deluge of customer data, companies are using business intelligence (BI) tools to remain competitive in a cut-throat consumer market. Given the state of the economy, a company that can intelligently identify potential customers can stay ahead of competitors.


The IT behind Channel 4’s live coverage of the Paralympic Games

Providing coverage of the Paralympic Games was Channel 4’s largest ever live broadcast undertaking, but it also gave the IT team an equally complex project that presented a range of new challenges and had to be executed under very tight deadlines.


Building better relations with the board helps IT leaders to deliver better results

Computer Weekly’s CW500 Club hears from tech-savvy business leaders about tried-and-tested approaches to building more effective communication with company directors.


Buyer's guide to tablets – part two: The best tool for the job

Tablets have replaced laptops for many uses because of their light weight and longer battery life, but there remain important distinctions between devices.


How Pulsant helps Edinburgh International Festival perform

We talk to the Edinburgh festival’s organisers and hosted services provider Pulsant about how technology helps with the running of the world-famous event.


Case study: Making stock management easier

The evolution of Nisa Retail’s order capture system has reduced bottlenecks and ensures stock replenishment is more efficient.


Opinion: The four horsemen of shadow IT

Unregulated consumerisation brings hazards related to licensing, compliance, managing change and configuration, write Vawns Guest and Patrick Bolger from the IT Service Management Forum.


Supplier profile: Capgemini

Over the last two years, services company Capgemini has been battling with the financial crisis, and has seen a massive cut in IT spending. At the same time, it is adapting its business model in a bid to take on low-cost IT services firms.


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17 Sep 2012
18 Sep 2012
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This resource is no longer available.