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Come Together, Part 3: Speeding the Way to Virtualization


A dramatic compute-model shift has altered the data center landscape over the past several years. The unceasing demand for a flexible infrastructure that can turn on a dime to meet changing business requirements has driven data center evolution to the point that today, according to IDC, more applications are being installed on virtual servers than on physical servers.  Building or expanding that infrastructure, however, is fraught with challenges, and any missteps can detract from IT value. Join us for a detailed discussion of how your organization can fast track application and service delivery with pre-integrated virtualized infrastructure solutions.  You'll learn:

  • How the delivery of IT infrastructure impacts the growth of the business
  • How to easily add capacity to gain performance and maintain flexibility for future growth
  • Shortcuts for building a converged, virtualized data center to accelerate application and IT service delivery
  • Techniques for ensuring that your virtual infrastructure is productive for applications and cloud initiatives
  • Ways to drive the benefits of virtualization deeper into the infrastructure¬†
Dell, Inc. and Intel®
Sep 19, 2012

This resource is no longer available.