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Come Together, Right Now, Part 1:  The Why, When and How of IT Convergence


Virtualization, cloud and mobility are changing the expectations around data center performance, efficiency and functions. Users want access to information and applications, whenever and wherever they want it. And management wants the data center to provide it — without raising costs.

That's why organizations are constantly seeking greater efficiency from data center operations. Convergence offers a new approach to lowering operational costs while increasing responsiveness and simplifying management.  Join us for this in-depth exploration of what convergence really means and how to achieve it. You'll learn:

  • Why the different demands new application and service delivery models require a higher degree of orchestration and automation in the underlying infrastructure
  • How converged solutions answer this need by bringing together key IT elements, including computing, storage, networking and management
  • Why convergence leads to fewer maintenance tasks, fewer devices to support and less overall complexity
  • How to use convergence as an IT enabler
  • The importance of open and flexible solutions to people, processes and technology 
Dell, Inc. and Intel®
Sep 19, 2012

This resource is no longer available.