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When do you need a full VDI experience, and when is RDSH enough?


Many people know that VDI and remote desktop session host (also known as terminal server) have similar underlying technologies and concepts. For over fifteen years, RDSH has been the default choice for remote desktop projects, but now that VDI is catching on, people are rethinking that decision. In today's world, what are the real reasons people choose to go with VDI versus just plan RDSH? What are the applications, use cases, and business environments that drive choosing one or the other? Join Brian Madden as he outlines these options and weighs in on this debate.


Brian Madden Independent Industry Analyst and Blogger

Brian Madden is known throughout the world as an opinionated, super technical, fiercely independent desktop virtualization expert.

He's also written several books and thousands of articles about desktop and application virtualization. His blog site,, receives millions of visitors per year and is a leading source for conversation, debate and discourse about the application and desktop virtualization industry. He also recently launched to address the emerging trend around the consumerization of IT.

In addition, Brian is the creator of BriForum, the premier independent application delivery technical conference.

You can follow him on twitter @brianmadden.

Sep 19, 2012

This resource is no longer available.