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The Quest For Optimal Storage TCO in Oracle Environments: Part 1 - Management


Too many businesses today see storage as a commodity, and make purchasing decisions based solely on price per terabyte.

But this creates storage infrastructures that inefficient are difficult to scale and manage, with different tiers to support different types of data and applications. While this might save money in the short term, the overall long-term costs far outweigh the initial savings.

This white paper examines the management advantages of using Oracle storage with Oracle software. Businesses that are running Oracle software will achieve a lower TCO with Oracle storage products because of the seamless integration built into Oracle products and the built-in support for tiered storage, which puts data on the right kind of storage at the right price. Read now to learn more.


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Oracle Corporation UK Ltd
17 Sep 2012
17 Sep 2012
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This resource is no longer available.