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Chapter 5: Data Protection: Backup/Restore and Business Continuance/Disaster Recovery


The single biggest challenge for IT pros involved in the data protection process is making sure that their backups are recoverable every single time.

But balancing the costs to protect against various threats, adhering to regulatory requirements and the demand to protect, preserve and serve more data for longer periods of time – all add to the long list of backup headaches.  

In this specially released chapter of “Cloud and Virtual Data Storage Networking,” author Greg Schulz explores data protection in 2012 – and looks at the challenges and opportunities for protecting data in cloud, virtual and data storage networks. What you’ll find in this exclusive chapter:

•    Today’s data protection trends and challenges that cannot be ignored
•    8 data protection opportunities
•    Risks threatening the security of your data – that you may not be aware of
•    Step-by-step data protection best practice briefing
•    Tips & tricks for protecting data in virtual physical and cloud storage networks
•    A list of cutting-edge tools & technologies for improving and simplifying data protection
•    How to leverage clouds and virtualization to enhance data protection
•    Most common HA-, BC-, and DR-related questions answered

17 Sep 2012
13 Sep 2012
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This resource is no longer available.