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Enterprise Search and Big Data; Potential Uses, Benefits, and Challenges


The vast stores of structured and unstructured data being collected by organizations present a big problem: How do you find the information you need in "big data" environments when you need it?

This webcast will explore the potential role of enterprise search technology in pinpointing, retrieving and analyzing valuable data stored in big data systems, including Hadoop clusters and NoSQL databases. It will offer a vendor-neutral overview of the big data capabilities of enterprise search tools -- both commercial and open source -- as well as expert advice on the best practices, deployment strategies and potential hurdles that organizations should consider for successful implementations.


Cathy McKnight

Cathy McKnight is a founding partner of Digital Clarity Group, a research and advisory firm focused on digital content technlogies. McKnight works with clients to become more successful by helping them find the content management approach that fits the organization best. She is a consultant, strategist, analyst, speaker and writer on topics related to internal online solutions, enterprise social media, and digital content technology.

Lucid Works
Sep 11, 2012

This resource is no longer available.