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Integrate Marketing and Sales for Revenue Results


With the common overarching objective of growing the business, one would think that the workflow process between sales and marketing would function like a well-oiled machine. Marketing creates the buzz through awareness and demand generation activities and sales closes the deal, converting those who show interest into customers. However, if that really were the case, then why is it that- according to research from SiriusDecisions-salespeople only work on 11 percent of the leads marketers send their way? And, why is it that, of the leads that salespeople pursue, only 18 percent convert to opportunities? The tragedy is that the same research also shows that up to 45 percent of prospects end up buying a related product within 12 months.

This means that typically marketers waste most of their resources to generate leads that are ignored or dropped. If your business ignores those leads, it is letting good prospects that your company paid for go to a competitor. Clearly, responsible executives cannot afford to let this broken workflow process between sales and marketing continue.

Oracle Corporation
18 Sep 2012
01 Dec 2011
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This resource is no longer available.