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Computer Weekly - 4 September 2012: The need for 4G speed


Computer Weekly – 4 September 2012: The need for 4G speed


In this week’s new-look Computer Weekly, we examine the race to launch 4G mobile services and what it means for customers, as Orange & T-Mobile owner Everything Everywhere prepares to introduce the first UK service. With fewer students taking IT A-levels every year, can apprenticeships help tackle the skills shortage? In the final part of our buyer's guide to SME IT, we hear from small businesses about how to improve IT purchasing. Courier firm FedEx tells us how it used computer gaming principles to develop a staff collaboration system. And we look at the progress of much-needed standards for interoperability in cloud computing. Read the issue now.


How Ofcom’s 4G decision will play out for business mobile customers

Communication regulator Ofcom’s decision allowing Everything Everywhere to roll out 4G with its existing spectrum could affect services across all mobile networks.


Cloud’s future in interoperability

The lack of established cloud standards and interoperability has made it difficult to move workloads between private clouds and public clouds and some experts say these problems hinder cloud adoption.


IT apprenticeship schemes gather momentum as skills shortage looms

As fewer students take ICT A-level and university fees exacerbate the skills gap, in-house training schemes are gaining in popularity.


Buyer's guide to SME IT – part three: Do business the smart way

Small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can actively manage their IT hardware to provide continuous replacement of IT assets, which creates a balance between business value and intrinsic residual value to ensure an optimum platform is in place at all times.


Case study: Unlocking gamification can be a power-up for the workplace

By encouraging a shift in outlook, global delivery company FedEx aims to create a culture of sharing knowledge among colleagues.


Whitehall guidelines for contractors could drive public sector IT exodus

Government attempts to push contractors onto departmental payrolls could leave a large, outsourcer-shaped hole in government IT.


Expanding from post-mortems into healthchecks for government IT

Sally Howes, IT director at the National Audit Office (NAO ), was brought in to boost the government watchdog’s technical skills. Under her guidance, the NAO is expanding beyond project post-mortems to perform more IT healthchecks.


Opinion: Technology innovators critical for recovery and growth of UK economy

The UK government needs to embrace technology innovation and apply it to the toughest challenges the country faces, says Digital Policy Alliance secretary-general Edward Phelps.


This week's issue is sponsored by Byte Night and Dell SecureWorks.

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This resource is no longer available.