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Computer Weekly - 28 August 2012: Cloud computing or outsourcing – which is the future?


Computer Weekly – 28 August 2012: Cloud computing or outsourcing – which is the future?


In this week’s Computer Weekly: Cloud computing is growing fast, but is still dwarfed by the amount spent on outsourcing – we ask whether cloud will change the outsourcing market. HP has written off $8bn from its acquisition of EDS in just four years - we investigate how HP lost so much value from what was the world's biggest IT services firm. Our buyer's guide to SME IT gives tips on how to negotiate with big suppliers. And we take a look at a case study of how one firm is introducing cloud-based HR software. Read the issue now.


Cloud fogs up IT outsourcing outlook

Cloud computing is an increasingly significant segment of the IT outsourcing sector, but has a tipping point really been reached, or are we one large data breach away from an about-turn? According to Gartner’s latest figures for 2012, cloud will be the fastest growing segment in a global market worth over $250bn.


How did EDS value drop so fast under HP ownership?

HP is writing off about $8bn (£5bn) after the drop in value of EDS as a result of internal decisions combined with the global economic climate. But how could EDS, a pioneer of IT services with a list of customers the envy of every IT company on the planet, lose value so quickly?


Case study: A welcome break from manual HR

Welcome Break Group, which runs motorway service stations and hotels, is embarking on a project to deploy SuccessFactors, the cloud-based human resources (HR) system from SAP.


Buyer's guide to SME IT – part two: Outsourcing IT services - goals and negotiations

The process for selecting an IT supplier is dominated by negotiations and characterised by tactical measures. These are important to businesses of all sizes, from SMEs to the largest enterprises.


Supplier profile: Infosys - an outsourcer in metamorphosis

Infosys has come a long way since it was founded in 1981 for $250. Today it is India’s second largest technology services company with revenues of $6.9bn (£4.34bn), employing about 150,000 employees in some 30 countries.


Don’t believe the big data hype

Teradata CTO Stephen Brobst talks about misplaced big data hype, the prospect of data warehousing in the cloud, the hype around in-memory technologies, and the future of mobile consumer intelligence.


Playing Skype at its own game to reclaim mobile network territory

Telefonica Digital CIO Brendan O’Rourke outlines his plan to take on the providers of services that run over mobile networks but take revenue away from operators.


Opinion: Preparing for software-defined networking

IT teams are aligning themselves around key workloads to drive greater simplicity and efficiency. The networking industry has responded by suggesting that networks can provide greater support for this approach using the OpenFlow protocol and software-defined networking, writes Forrest Research analyst Andre Kindness.


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