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Creating an integrated BI and data warehousing architecture for effective management of analytical workloads


As companies deal with rapidly-growing amounts of data, relying on traditional business intelligence (BI) tools alone to manage their critical information is no longer an option. Although there is still a place for general purpose BI platforms to manage small workloads and perform basic analyzing tasks, the growing complexity of workloads and  data requests are forcing companies to integrate purpose-built analytical platforms with their existing BI infrastructures.

Purpose-built analytical platforms offer companies superior data warehousing (DW) capabilities and advanced functionality to more easily and effectively perform data analysis. In her keynote presentation, industry analyst Lyndsay Wise will discuss the challenges companies are facing today by relying on traditional BI tools and systems alone and will highlight the benefits of adopting an integrated BI and DW architecture to meet the increasingly-complex demands of business today.


Lyndsay Wise President and Founder, WiseAnalytics

Lyndsay Wise is the President and Founder of WiseAnalytics, an independent analyst firm specializing in business intelligence, master data management and unstructured data. She has assisted numerous clients in business systems analysis, software selection and implementation of enterprise applications. Wise conducts regular research studies, consults, writes articles and speaks about improving the value of business intelligence within organizations.

Mark Shainman Global Program Manager, Teradata

Mark Shainman is the global program manager for Teradata’s Competitive programs, covering Oracle, IBM, Netezza and SQL Server. He manages the global aspects of technology, strategy, positioning, integration and sales support surrounding these programs. Prior to joining Teradata, he was a senior research analyst for META Group specializing in database management systems for both online transaction processing and decision-support architectures.

Sandeep Teotia Team Lead, Girstedes/Red Apple Group

Known as a dynamic professional leading BI software development, Sandeep Teotia is business intelligence manager for GRISTEDES FOODS, INC. in New York.  He joined the company in 2009.  Previously, he was a senior application engineer with Wells Fargo Bank.  He holds an MBA from Rutgers University as well as MS in Management Information Systems and BS in Management Information Systems.

Sep 19, 2012

This resource is no longer available.