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Computer Weekly – 14 August 2012: When IT lands on Mars


Computer Weekly – 14 August 2012: When IT lands on Mars


In this week’s Computer Weekly, we look at the IT behind the mission to land the Curiosity rover on Mars to search for signs of life on the red planet. We examine why software testing is increasingly being outsourced and the implications for businesses. As more firms adopt cloud computing, we ask if they are overlooking vital information security implications. The CIO of Daily Mail and Metro publisher A&N Media tells us why all his new systems are going into the cloud. And the final part of our buyer's guide to big data looks at what the growth in data means for firms' customer engagement. Read the issue now.


IT’s vital role in landing the Curiosity rover on Mars

IT was key to successfully landing the rover robot Curiosity on Mars. Mars missions in the past have not had a great track record, but the landing on 6 August proved that plenty of preparation, training, assessing all possible eventualities and extensive simulations can minimise project hiccups and disasters that have plagued many previous missions to the red planet.


Unlock access to cloud-stored data

In the rush to take advantage of the cost and flexibility benefits offered by cloud services, organisations are overlooking not only the security risks, but also the accessibility of their business data.


Weighing up the options for software testing

Business-critical applications are increasingly being tested by third-party suppliers as businesses strive to reduce the high costs associated with software failure without the huge investments needed for rigorous in-house testing processes.


Reshaping IT to deliver news online

David Henderson, CIO at Metro and Daily Mail publisher A&N Media, talks about how and why the firm has put the heart of its IT in the cloud.


Buyer's guide to big data - part three: Data’s role in customer engagement

As firms face an influx of structured and unstructured data, a combination of traditional business intelligence and big data approaches will provide the best results in managing and making use of the information.


Building collaboration in the cloud

Alastair Mitchell set up cloud-based collaboration service Huddle after seeing millions of pounds being spent on Microsoft collaboration software SharePoint and growing frustrated by the lack of staff making use of it. The CEO tells us why cloud is better.


Case study: Fast and flexible development

Agile development methodologies and transparency are paying dividends for stock exchange NYSE Euronext.


Opinion: How to build a persuasive security change plan

As organisations reach the point where the risk associated with a serious data breach becomes overwhelming, they must choose to either maintain their current path or invest to improve the skills, processes and controls that can help minimise the potential impact, writes Forrester Research analyst Andrew Rose.


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