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Green Storage Technologies For Better Power Efficiency


The fascination with “green IT,” which dominated the trade press and agendas of tech conferences only a few years ago, has waned. The earliest conversation around green data storage focused on server power consumption and was leveraged by vendors to make a case for their latest products, many of which delivered energy savings benefits only when you squinted to read the bottom line.

As a result, any vendor pitch using the term “green” is often disregarded by consumers who have developed a case of well-deserved cynicism. This video looks at storage energy efficiency, including green data storage technologies that can help control energy costs, as presented by Jon Toigo, CEO and managing principal of Toigo Partners International.


Jon Toigo Author, CEO and Managing Principal, Toigo Partners International

Jon William Toigo is a 30-year IT veteran who has worked both as an operative within corporate information systems departments and as a senior consultant with two international systems integrators. He has written thousands of articles and columns for the computer trade press, including Storage Magazine,, Computerworld, Network Computing, Mainframe Executive, Scientific American, Washington Technology and z/Journal. Toigo has written 15 books on enterprise computing.

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27 Aug 2012
Aug 27, 2012

This resource is no longer available.