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Computer Weekly - 7 August 2012: The IT behind the BBC's Olympic Games coverage


Computer Weekly – 7 August 2012: The IT behind the BBC's Olympic Games coverage


In this week’s Computer Weekly, BBC chief technology officer John Linwood tells us how the broadcaster's IT team prepared for its biggest challenge yet – covering the London 2012 Olympics, the most connected sporting event ever. We analyse the best practice in devising a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) strategy that works for your business. The latest part of our buyer's guide to big data examines the issues and opportunities created by smart meters. And we look at what makes a successful outsourcing contract. Read the issue now.


The IT behind an Olympic broadcaster

The Olympic Games on home soil will be the final instalment of the most operationally challenging period in the BBC’s history. The broadcaster’s chief technology officer John Linwood talks about the “terrifying” challenge of providing live coverage of all events at the Olympics, and balancing this with his day job as a corporate IT chief.


Weighing up the business costs and benefits of bring your own device (BYOD) strategies

Staff working on their own devices can reduce hardware spend and improve productivity, but CIOs must recognise that supporting them will require investment.


Putting innovation on the outsourcing menu

Outsourcing is becoming an increasingly complex task for CIOs – especially if you want it to be successful. So how should CIOs go about engaging with outsourcers in a way that meets their business objectives? After all, according to sourcing experts, if what you want is not clearly stipulated in the contract, you won’t get it.


Buyer's guide to big data – part two: Utilities rise to the smart meter data challenge

The mass of information from smart meters is leading utility suppliers to reconsider how they use their data – and the opportunities that such information will present.


Injecting resilience into hospital IT

Mark Large, IT director at Great Ormond Street Hospital, talks about the critical IT systems supporting one of the most famous children's hospitals in the world.


Opinion: IT has a key role in business relationship management

Business relationship management (BRM) has been about for a long time across many different parts of any organisation. However, it does seem that BRM is now just starting to take hold for many in the IT service management world, writes Ben Clacy, chief executive of the IT Service Management Forum (itSMF UK).


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07 Aug 2012
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This resource is no longer available.