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Java University: Middleware and Tooling


*Embedded business intelligence systems and Java development

Veteran Java developer Rob Terpilowski focuses on the messaging middleware challenges involved in integrating disparate server systems with embedded systems.

*The rebirth of Enterprise Messaging: How the proven technology of enterprise Java messaging is playing a key role in modern enterprise architectures

Java expert and editor Cameron McKenzie examines how messaging is improving application and architectural design and scalability.

*Changing uses of Java middleware

What is a traditional usage of middleware in Java programming and what changes Java developers can expect in the close future? Enterprise software architect Michael Poulin explains.

*Useful integration patterns for cloud computing

Cloud computing developer and trainer Shlomo Swidler gives advice on choosing the right integration framework for enterprise application integration, particularly in SaaS. 


Rob Terpilowski Lead Java Developer, Lynden Inc.

Rob Terpilowski is Lead Java Developer at Lynden, Inc., a transportation and logistics company, where he works on the design of the server-side infrastructure for company’s freight tracking system, which includes, Java, C#, legacy Basic applications and UniVerse database (one of the original NoSQL databases).

Cameron McKenzie Site Editor, TheServerSide

Cameron McKenzie is the editor of, an online TechTarget publication focused on Java development. For over a decade before joining TheServerSide, he architected and developed Java centric solutions. He is author of four Java books, including Hibernate Made Easy, The SCJA Certification Guide, and What is WebSphere?.

Michael Poulin Enterprise Solution Architect, Enterprise Blueprints

Michael Poulin is an enterprise-level solution architect working in the financial industry in the U.K. and the United States. He specializes in building bridges between business needs and technology capabilities with emphasis on business and technical efficiency, scalability, robustness and manageability. He writes about service orientation, application security and use of modern technologies for solving business problems. He contributes to OASIS SOA standards as an independent member and was listed in the international "Who's Who of Information Technology" for 2001.

Shlomo Swidler Independent Consultant , Developer and Trainer

Shlomo Swidler is a prominent cloud computing developer, trainer, and consultant. He is among the top experts contributing to the Amazon EC2 Developer Forums. His blog is a highly-regarded source of practical techniques for developers. He is also an active participant in the Open Grid Forum's Open Cloud Computing Interface working group. As CTO of MyDrifts in 2007, he architected and implemented a large-scale deployment completely hosted in the cloud, designed to scale itself automatically according to load. Previously, he led a team of developers at Sun Microsystems in the Java ME Developer Tools division.

07 Aug 2012
07 Aug 2012
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This resource is no longer available.