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How to Empower the Real-Time, Mobile, Social, and Global Enterprise with BI


With the rapid changes in today’s market, business, and technology landscape, organizations need today’s business intelligence (BI) platforms to provide real-time performance on big data, insight with trust across business and social data, and instantly available mobile BI. And they need BI solutions that are globally ready, easily scalable, and flexibly deployable.

Imagine if every person in your business could make better choices and decisions every time because of having the necessary information and context. A 2011 MIT Sloan School of Management research study has found that firms that adopt data-driven decision making have output and productivity that is 5% to 6% higher than what would be expected given their other investments and information technology usage.1 It’s no surprise that BI technology that enables data-driven decision making has been a top spending priority for CIOs, and that leading organizations see BI as a mission-critical information infrastructure that is simply a requirement of doing business.

In today’s fast-moving organizations, BI is essential for consistent execution of strategy by top management, improving customer loyalty, increasing forecast accuracy, and measuring profitability. Thus a BI platform must provide an enterprise wide information infrastructure that allows your organization to make every person, process, and decision more intelligent – and closes the loop between information and action.

20 Aug 2012
08 Nov 2011
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This resource is no longer available.