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Interactive Analysis for Business Information and Insights


To keep pace with the competition and seize timely opportunities, people in your organization need access to critical business intelligence (BI) to answer ad hoc questions and queries. Predefined reports created by IT are an excellent resource but don’t answer all business users’ needs. When further questions arise during the course of analysis, additional reporting demands can overwhelm IT and slow decision-making processes. Moreover, using various analytics tools can result in multiple versions of the truth, lead to decisions based on isolated, outdated, or erroneous data, and thwart the ability to learn from earlier decisions.

SAP BusinessObjects™ Web Intelligence software combines self-service access with ad hoc reporting and analysis – all in one integrated solution. Powerful new functionality enables businesses like yours to turn insights into effective decisions, improve productivity, and share knowledge across the organization. An improved, intuitive interface provides business users with drag and drop functionality to create freeform, dynamic reports without expensive, time-consuming help from IT. With a few clicks, users can access, format, and analyze information to identify trends and root causes. They can build two and three-dimensional charts to visualize data for sharper analysis and deeper insights. The software is built on a trusted and agile BI platform and allows both online and offline use.

SAP America, Inc.
08 Aug 2012
08 Aug 2012
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This resource is no longer available.