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Forbes Insight Study: Business Leader Perspectives on Managing Enterprise Information


"Managing Information in the Enterprise: Perspectives for Business Leaders" is a Forbes Insight survey and report sponsored by SAP. In their effort to turn piles of data into actionable information, large global enterprises are applying rigorous strategic thinking to using information management to contain costs and provide a competitive advantage. But in doing so, they face a range of issues related to data quality and data ownership that may be hampering their efforts.

"Managing Information in the Enterprise" is based on insights from more than 200 business and IT executives at companies with annual revenues of $500 million-plus. It uncovers significant trends, misconceptions, and underlying roadblocks to better information management. How important is this? The study found that data-related problems could be costing most enterprises more than $5 million annually. It also identifies disagreements between line-of-business executives and IT professionals on how best to manage information. As a result, lines of business and IT may need to find common ground to give top management the economic incentive to push for strategic information-management solutions.

Use this report to help customers build a business case for establishing an EIM strategy and information management initiatives like DI, DQ, and MDM. 

SAP America, Inc.
07 Aug 2012
07 Aug 2012
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This resource is no longer available.