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"One size fits all" Simplified Disaster Recovery for All of Your Applications


Traditional disaster recovery solutions are often expensive, complex and unreliable to meet business requirements. As a result, IT departments are hesitant to expand disaster protection beyond their most critical applications.

With VMware vCenter™ Site Recovery Manager 5, the market-leading disaster recovery product, all types of organizations can deploy the simplest, most reliable disaster protection and site migration. Bundled with VMware vSphere® Replication, the first hypervisor based replication technology, SRM reduces the cost of disaster recovery protection for small and large companies, enabling them to expand their disaster protection to all applications. Even single sites can now use SRM to leverage the cloud services offered by VMware service provider partners. 

Check out this webcast to learn how SRM can help you:

  • Replicate virtual machines to a secondary site using simple and cost-effective vSphere Replication
  • Replace traditional error-prone manual runbooks with automated recovery plans
  • Enable frequent non-disruptive testing of recovery plans to ensure they meet their business requirements
  • Automate site recovery and migration processes to ensure fast and reliable recovery
  • Streamline planned migrations and preventive failovers
VMware, Inc.
Aug 1, 2012

This resource is no longer available.