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Packaged External Network Penetration Testing


A flood of iPhones, iPads, Android devices, and employee-owned laptops is hitting the workplace, bringing better productivity but also new security risks. You will be understanding vitualisation, mobility, access to social every issue, every trend, and every mandate seems to have a technical point solution all to give the organisation greater cost savings and delivering greater ease and speed of sharing information to meet customer needs.

Organisations need complete visibility and awareness of the risks and vulnerabilities allowing them to close the open doors and select the correct risk postures and  by focusing on protecting the right assets from the right threats with the right countermeasures, you can achieve the highest levels of assurance and business value.

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McAfee provides an in-depth External Penetration Test to test exposure to known security vulnerabilities and to determine the extent to which the targeted systems were vulnerable to attack and penetration from the Internet.

  • Enables you to see if your network can be penetrated from the outside
  • Gives you a comprehensive list of all security vulnerabilities on your perimeter network.
  • Allows an organisation to schedule, contract, and execute third-party network assessments more quickly and cost-effectively while still gaining the benefit that comes from using the same commercial scanning tool
  • Provides an executive summary which details trends, architectural, and systemic issues
  • Provides a rapid and efficient inventory of the devices, services, and vulnerabilities of internet-connected networks
McAfee, Inc.
14 Aug 2012
14 Aug 2012
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This resource is no longer available.