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Protect Your Most Critical Data with McAfee Database Security


The number of data breaches has hit an all-time high, and 47 percent of attacks take just minutes or hours to go from point of entry to compromise.

The bad guys act on a timeline of minutes and days, and the good guys work on a timeline of weeks to months.

As a global leader in Enterprise Security, McAfee wants to help you shift your energy away from imagining how you'll firefight your way through a database debacle to how you can implement a highly efficient and reliable database security solution that

• Gives you complete visibility into the existence, information sensitivity and vulnerability characteristics of all your databases;
• Provides reliable protection from both external threats and unauthorized activity from the inside by real-time enforcement of security policies;
• Ensures compliance without the business disruption of database downtime required by traditional patching methods.

For more information on how to boost security against today’s attacks and loss vectors, download this whitepaper.

McAfee, Inc.
16 Aug 2012
16 Aug 2012
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This resource is no longer available.