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Computer Weekly - 17 July 2012: The most influential women in UK IT


In this week’s Computer Weekly, we unveil our list of the 25 most influential women in UK IT – the role models for a more diverse IT workforce that will be the foundation of the UK's high-tech economy. We also talk to the winner – Thomson Reuters CIO Jane Moran. Does it make sense to outsource IT security - we gather expert opinion on the best practices. The cloud is not always the best option for your IT strategy - we examine when CIOs should stand up to CFOs demanding a cost-saving move to cloud computing. And in the second part of our buyer's guide to healthcare IT, we look at the new technologies that could revolutionise the NHS. Read the issue now.


The 25 most influential women in UK IT

Computer Weekly is pleased to announced our first ever list of the most influential women in UK IT. Our aim was to focus on the role of women in IT, to recognise the most influential role models and discuss the vital part that female IT leaders will take in making a difference to the future of the UK’s high-tech economy. The winners were announced at a special event last week in London, and selected by a judging panel of employers and IT leaders from across the industry and by our readers.


Interview with Jane Moran, CIO, Thomson Reuters

Organisations must prevent women from excluding themselves from the top jobs in IT, according to Jane Moran, chief information officer of Thomson Reuters, and winner of Computer Weekly’s “Most Influential Woman in UK IT” award.


Best practice in outsourcing security

Outsourcing IT support, desktop support and infrastructure is relatively common and an increasing number of organisations are investing in outsourcing e-commerce systems, datacentre hosting and software and application development, but security outsourcing remains a challenge for many. We examine the issues CIOs must consider in balancing security needs and budgetary constraints


Buyer's Guide to healthcare IT – part two: The key technologies driving healthcare

We are witnessing a shift in the health sector to the seamless provision of healthcare. Many elements are coming together, such as more cost-efficient care delivery, intelligent analysis of patient information, more price-conscious and scalable software delivery models, and new methods of interaction between individuals and caregivers using mobile devices and social media in a way that has not been known before.


When to tell the CFO that cloud will not serve your company’s interests

There are times when cloud is not the best option for your business and it is the CIO's job to say so. The biggest challenge CIOs have is explaining to CFOs where the cloud cannot be applied.


Banks break with tradition in move from bespoke to commercial systems

Increased regulation, reduced profits and changing customer demands are driving banks to replace home-grown software with commercially available alternatives.


Opinion: Reap the business benefits of the ‘internet of things’

Smarter organisations are already thinking about how they can change their business to benefit from the advent of cheap chipsets and sensors being embedded in everyday objects, writes Alastair McAulay, an IT expert at PA Consulting Group.


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16 Jul 2012
17 Jul 2012
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This resource is no longer available.