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Experts' Perspective Webcast: Resolving the Database Performance Problem Blame Game


As a DBA, you know how frustrating it is to automatically get blamed every time an application performance issue occurs, especially when your databases aren’t the cause. But getting the true full picture of the entire environment is a challenge that just about every DBA faces.

Native tools do little to help; they generally require a lot of manual work and may still fail to reveal the source of the problem at all. You need an easier way to escape all the false accusations.

Check out an insight-packed webcast to learn proven techniques that will ensure you’re never on the wrong end of the finger pointing again. Our database experts will provide invaluable guidance that will empower you to maintain peak database performance at all times – and be able to prove it.

You’ll discover simple ways to understand normal (baseline) behavior, compare database query workloads over different time ranges, extend database performance data to other teams, and much more. With the methods revealed in this educational session, you’ll get the respect you deserve. Watch the webcast.

Dell Software
Jul 11, 2012

This resource is no longer available.