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Taking collaboration to the cloud: IBM social business solutions for the federal government


The U.S. government is spending as much as 70 cents of every IT dollar on maintaining the systems it already has when it could be using that money to develop more agile systems. To curb this problem, the U.S. CIO released a 25-point plan to reform federal IT management.

Improving transparency and compliance with federal regulations was part of this plan, and it involves moving three services to the cloud and closing at least 800 data centers.

Why cloud?

How about because it can save as much as 65% of infrastructure costs because hardware is used more efficiently. Or because it can cut as much as 27% of software costs due to improved licensing.

And that's just the beginning.

This brief paper outlines these benefits and more of cloud computing options for the federal government and also touches on the benefits and strategies surrounding social collaboration software. Read on to learn how collaboration software in the cloud can enable the government and its employees to collaborate and innovate any time and anywhere, promote cost savings, provide flexibility and so much more.

13 Jul 2012
14 Dec 2011
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This resource is no longer available.