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Taking development and test to the cloud: IBM cloud-based solutions for the federal government


"With advances in technology and service delivery systems in other sectors, the public’s expectations of the government have continued to rise," said President Barack Obama. "The government must keep pace with and even exceed those expectations."

Cloud computing is allowing this to happen.

To alleviate shrinking budgets and comply with increasing demands from government constituents, the U.S. CIO released a 25-point plan to reform federal IT management, including moving three services to the cloud and close to 800 data centers by 2015.


Cloud computing can reduce IT labor and user support costs by up to 76%, improve hardware utilization while saving as much as 65% with reduced infrastructure and so much more.

The development and testing environment is an ideal starting point in a cloud strategy and can yield quick ROI while cutting costs and not affecting your mission-critical apps.

This paper explains the driving force behind moving development and testing into the cloud, including environment deployment and maintenance time and expenses, and application environment complexity. Read this now to learn about one option for cloud-based development and testing and the benefits of doing so, such as workload optimization, different deployment models, expert assistance and much more.

13 Jul 2012
16 Nov 2011
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This resource is no longer available.