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Computer Weekly - 10 July 2012: The future of electronic patient records in the NHS


Computer Weekly – 10 July 2012: The future of electronic patient records in the NHS


In this week’s Computer Weekly, we examine the future of electronic patient records in the NHS in part one of our buyer's guide to healthcare IT. We compare mobile phone roaming tariffs for businesses, following the new EU legislation that forced prices down. We go behind the scenes at the Euro2012 football tournament to see how Uefa deployed cloud computing. As virtualisation becomes the norm for many IT departments, we ask if firms are aware of the security implications of the technology. And we talk to education experts to find out how plans to change the curriculum for IT in schools could benefit the IT profession. Read the issue now.


Buyer's Guide to IT in healthcare – part one: The future of electronic patient records

The most obvious question about the future of IT procurements in the NHS is what will happen to electronic healthcare records now the National Programme for IT (NPfIT) has been disbanded. Given how crucial these long-awaited systems are for bringing the organisation into the digital age, it is perhaps not surprising that 58% of respondents in a Computer Weekly survey say they are moving away from NPfIT electronic patient records suppliers.


The cloud computing that underpins Uefa’s tournaments and TV coverage

Uefa has outsourced its IT infrastructure to a private cloud to meet the challenges of the digital age. As digital technology revolutionises the way people watch sport, organisations such as Uefa – which make money selling broadcasting rights – must harness the latest IT if they are to benefit financially.


Race to virtualisation leaves critical business environments vulnerable

IT often virtualises new applications and workloads by default. Virtualisation is now the norm, deploying a physical server the exception. Yet a third of companies admit they have not invested in security for their virtual computing environments. Why not?


Mobile roaming gets cheaper at last

Mobile operators have been forced to reduce their roaming charges to comply with new EU law. We pulled together a comparison of all the UK operators' revised tariffs for using a mobile when travelling in Europe.


Designing a better curriculum for IT

IT lessons need to engage pupils and form the basis of a lifelong relationship with technology. We look at plans for a new IT curriculum in schools.


Adapting Dell’s IT to support services

Dell CIO Adriana Karaboutis talks about about the IT challenges associated with the supplier's shift from products to services.


Opinion: Salary survey - why IT contractor rates are rising

Contract rates in London have increased 3.4% year on year, which is indicative of where employers’ priorities lie at the moment. Many are looking to bring in IT specialists capable of making key improvements on a project basis, writes Matt Bartley, manager of IT recruitment at Robert Walters.


Case study: Using IT to capitalise on austerity

There is nothing like starting a new job with a challenge. Ed Lynott joined road maintenance and civil engineering company FM Conway as head of IT to spearhead a £5.5m investment, during a period when the firm’s public sector customers were making substantial spending cuts.


This week's issue is sponsored by Byte Night, HP and Gartner.

09 Jul 2012
09 Jul 2012
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This resource is no longer available.