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Why Not NetApp for Midsized Businesses?


Amidst today's unrelenting data deluge and tightened budgets, many IT managers at SMBs are turning to cheap solutions - not cost-efficient, but cheap. This isn't the answer.

Sacrificing capacity, capabilities and efficiency for affordability will just end up costing more in the end - in productivity, efficiency and money. Purchasing the lowest-priced system you find isn't a smart decision and generally means you're going to get what you pay for: Not much.

Check out this presentation transcript to learn about a line of storage solutions that don't trade price for capabilities. Featuring NetApp Business Solution Architect Will Cash and NetApp Senior Product Marketing Manager FAS2200 products Matthew Miller, this resource explores solutions that offer full value and allow you to:

  • Maximize storage savings and reduce ongoing operational expenditures at the same time
  • Manage simply - even with limited IT resources and expertise
  • Start with what infrastructure you need and add on as you need
  • And more!


Will Cash Business Solution Architect, NetApp

Will Cash is a Business Solution Architect for the East Commercial Region at NetApp. He started his career in IT as a midsized business consultant addressing the needs of more than 250 businesses in NJ and PA. Prior to joining NetApp he was the IT Director of a Midsized Business in Wilmington DE.  Will brings 15 years of IT experience and a consultative approach from the position of a prior NetApp customer with hands on experience delivering IT transformations.

Matthew Miller Senior Product Marketing Manager for FAS2200 products, NetApp

Matthew Miller is the Senior Product Marketing Manager for the FAS2200 products at NetApp, where he is responsible for the overall marketing strategy for entry-level storage systems.  Matt has over 12 years of product marketing and product management experience in the storage industry, working for such firms as Oracle, Sun Microsystems, Veritas Software and Compaq.

06 Jul 2012
06 Jul 2012
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This resource is no longer available.