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CA ERwin Web Portal r9


If your organization hopes to succeed in today’s challenging economy, the ability to easily access and understand important business data across the enterprise is vital.

As such, businesses require the ability for both technical and non-technical users alike to view, create, and utilize data models for simple and effective visualization and analysis. Easy access to Web content along with a variety of presentation and search formats to suit the needs of all users is additionally important in order to handle the floods of Web-based information businesses everywhere are experiencing.

Check out this free software trial to see how the CA ERwin® Web Portal can help you conquer these database management challenges and improve data access and analytics within your organization; using the following log-in information:

Username: EndUser1

Password: havealook

[ Using this login presents information related to an Order Entry system. Examples include how to get started, browsing ERwin Data Model information and semantic lineage between design layers (conceptual-logical-physical).]

Username: EndUser2

Password: havealook

[ Using this login presents information related to a book publication operational system that includes a data warehouse data mart. Examples include viewing diagrams, searching metadata, data lineage between source-to-target mappings as well as data lineage between database tables and database views. Reporting options and user feedback/communications are also included.]

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02 Jul 2012
02 Jul 2012
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This resource is no longer available.