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Eisenhower Medical Center


Data centers are a complex and critical part of today’s business infrastructure, but moving the entire data center is, for most businesses, an unpleasant task.

Eisenhower Medical Center was faced with this challenge, and as bits and pieces of its technology and infrastructure from the last 20 years were still active and running, the task was too complex to handle alone.

As such, the organization partnered with HP to plan their move and to help them track and manage every aspect of their existing infrastructure along the way. In order to avoid taking down the hospital’s entire system including electronic health records and other essential computer systems needed for providing patient care, Eisenhower Medical Center made the move in multiple waves, breaking their 400 servers into different move groups for a more efficient, manageable process.

Access this video to hear more about how the organization made their move as seamless and simple as possible while maintaining smooth operations for systems and staff across the organization.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Jul 5, 2012

This resource is no longer available.