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PayStream Advisors White Paper - Automation Solutions for SAP: Solutions for touch-less Accounts Payable


The goal of every finance department is to provide managers with accurate information to make investments and budget decisions. Yet, an over-reliance on paper-based invoice processes can yield significant inaccuracies in the form of understated expenses and overstated income.

While the benefits of automating critical accounts payable (AP) processing are well documented, getting maximum benefit from your automation initiative requires selecting a vendor that is a good fit for your organization. A thorough, critical analysis of the various technology solutions and the functionality they offer in light of your organization’s business needs is essential.

This report is designed specifically for finance and IT directors at organizations who recognize the significant competitive advantage of improving their payables department. Readers will benefit from:

  • An overview of the accounts payable (AP) automation technology landscape
  • Tips for selecting a solution to suit your receipt-to-pay automation needs within an SAP environment
  • Essential questions to ask an e-Payables solution provider
  • The 8 building blocks of invoice automation
  • And more!
SAP America, Inc.
Jun 26, 2012
43 (hh:mm:ss)

This resource is no longer available.