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SAN-ity Check: 5 Must-Ask Questions for SAN Storage Consolidation Success


If you’re like IT administrators all over the world, your data is growing and your budgets are shrinking. And you either have or are considering virtualization to deal with it.

But once you’ve consolidated your server infrastructure, you need to consolidate your storage to reap the full benefits of your virtualization investment. If you virtualize your servers and leave the storage infrastructure alone, you’re leaving in place bottlenecks that can negatively affect application performance, and mitigate or even completely nullify the cost and efficiency benefits you expected in the first place.

This short white paper explores in detail the answers to 5 questions you must ask as you embark on a SAN storage consolidation project:

  • Will your storage consolidation project reduce costs?
  • Are efficiency and performance improving by consolidating storage?
  • Will your storage consolidation project support multi-tenancy?
  • Will your storage consolidation project have non-disruptive scale?
  • Will your storage consolidation project meet compliance and security requirements?


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21 Jun 2012
31 Dec 2011
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This resource is no longer available.