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Oracle and Intel Team Up To Tackle Today's New Storage Challenges


As you know, explosive data growth is driving up your storage costs and transforming performance and efficiency requirements.

If you haven’t modernized your storage, it’s not a matter of if, but when. To stay competitive in the digital age, you need new storage solutions that can address your growing needs, including:

  • Reduce cost by improving visibility and simplifying administration tasks
  • Deliver higher I/O throughput without the cost and complexity of a SAN solution
  • Protect data integrity and prevent data loss or theft
  • Reduce data center power and cooling costs

Oracle and Intel have been working together to ensure that Sun ZFS Storage Appliances are optimized to meet these challenges by leveraging current and future Intel Xeon processors. Read this detailed white paper to learn more.


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Oracle Corporation UK Ltd
20 Jun 2012
18 Jun 2012
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This resource is no longer available.