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Storage Virtualization Strategies for the CIO


In this engaging virtual environment, CIOs will uncover webcasts and podcasts featuring storage expert Marc Staimer. Staimer discusses three primary storage strategies for a virtual environment: an integrated approach, a server/hypervisor approach and a storage-centric approach and the pros and cons of each.

Staimer also delves into the performance and capacity gotchas CIOs encounter in a virtual environment and explores the advantages of traditional storage such as NAS versus SAN in a virtual environment.

CIOs will also find valuable storage virtualization advice in an expert article from Arun Taneja, consulting analyst and founder of Taneja Group Inc. Taneja explains why storage technologies such as solid-state drives (SSDs) are helping overcome virtual application performance hurdles.


Marc Staimer Founder and CDS, Dragon Slayer Consulting

Marc Staimer is the founder, senior analyst, and CDS of Dragon Slayer Consulting in Beaverton, OR. The consulting practice of over 12 years has focused in the areas of strategic planning, product development, and market development for technology products. With over 30 years of marketing, sales and business experience in infrastructure, storage, server, software, and virtualization, he’s considered one of the industry’s leading experts. 

14 Jun 2012
13 Jun 2012
Virtual Seminar

This resource is no longer available.