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IDC: Key Steps for Virtualization & Consolidation Success


While mid-sized companies grow, becoming more complex, their priorities and business goals must evolve as well. Similar to large firms, mid-sized organizations need to focus on both expanding revenues and increasing internal efficiency. And, as mid-sized companies grow, so do their data, IT spending and organizational layers. In a survey of 688 mid-sized firms, IDC found that budget allocations for new resources and technologies accounted for only 25 percent of IT spending  - and the remaining 75 percent goes to "keeping the lights on."

This is a reality for too many mid-sized companies. In order to grow, there must be more efficiency. And in part with the goals of increasing internal efficiency and expanding revenues, server consolidation and virtualization can help you achieve both - when it's done right.

Implementing server consolidation and virtualization is a big step - and one that has many challenges and concerns to address before any decision is made. Check out this IDC white paper to explore everything you need to know about server consolidation and virtualization for mid-sized businesses. Learn about the potential benefits, challenges and obstacles unique to mid-sized companies and how to complete honest self-assessment before adopting any new technologies.

13 Jun 2012
01 Nov 2010
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This resource is no longer available.