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School District Saves $1.27M through VDI: Success Story


When the U.S.'s third-largest school district's IT team launched a project to implement a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) with the goal of expanding accessibility to online teaching and learning systems, they had to replace around 850 beyond-outdated desktops and laptops - right when a district-wide budget cut of 10 percent was ordered.

Simultaneously faced with a budget cut and the goal of delivering "anytime, anywhere" learning-systems accessibility to each high school student, IT recognized two possible approaches. They could deploy a solution for reducing ongoing costs to maximize the number of devices purchased, and they could augment the desktop pool by allowing students to use mobile devices and personal laptops.

Check out this brief success story to explore how the school district's IT team worked with an IT infrastructure solutions and professional services provider to design a desktop virtualization solution that could do more with less and provide their students and faculty the accessibility needed. Read on to learn about the solution decided upon, the business benefits the district has realized and to see the specs of this district's savings of 1.27 million USD.

13 Jun 2012
13 Jun 2012
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This resource is no longer available.